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Relax in This 'Flowering Cacti' Retreat in the Mexican Desert

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Inspired by the image of a flowering cacti, Mexican architect Iván Juárez —of X-studio—created this Cactaceae enclosure, which sits oh-so-ambiguously somewhere "in the semi-desert of the Tropic of Cancer in Mexico." The structure's floral, partially transparent siding is made from the traditional technique of papel picado, or paper cutting, and mirrors the desert plants growing in the area. While there are no specific measurements to be found, the delicate, folded hut makes room for just one or two visitors at a time—earning it a micro-home label—and takes on different appearances, depending on light. During the daytime, the dwelling feels open and airy; at night—lit from within—the enclosure looks like an opaque, glowing gem.

Check out the rest of the photos over at Design Boom.

· X studio constructs peaceful cactaceae enclosure in Mexico [Design Boom]