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Delightfully Wacky Portholed French Home Wants $2M

For those interested in a submarine-style abode—without the hassle that comes with living 20,000 leagues under the sea—consider this Fontainebleau, France home, on the market for $2,002,000. Located just 25-minutes from Paris, the 3,660-square-foot concrete structure is dotted with large portholes—a design element capable of going just fine or very bad—in the place of, uh, regular windows. The first floor houses a candy-apple red kitchen, four of the five bedrooms, and a library, while the entire second floor is reserved for a master bedroom and an art-filled marble bath. Not seen in the listing photos are such tantalizing details as a "little cottage for children," manicured gardens, and oh, you know, any of the bedrooms. Still, there are plenty of shots of the massive pool and the slightly nutty stone patio and wall surrounding the oddball house. The photos are a bit blurry, but do have a look:

· 1970s Design Residence, Fontainebleau, near Paris, FR [Architecture For Sale]