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A Reflective Exterior Turns This Cottage Into a 'Treehouse'

This Canadian cottage isn't a treehouse in the traditional sense—although there have been a number of impressive ones lately—but it's not often that one sees a forested dwelling camouflaged by a mirror-clad exterior, so go ahead and let the architects at the Toronto-based firm UUfie call it whatever they want. The reflective walls of the terrace incorporate the surrounding birch and spruce trees, giving one end of the dwelling a mirage-like, futuristic look that's nothing if not a departure from your traditional woodland retreat, although the charred cedar used in its less avant-garde sides is also quite handsome.

Pierced throughout with interior windows, the living spaces have a spare, rough-finished look that would pair well with a significantly increased faux-fur-rug-to-floorspace ratio. The solid timber staircase in the living room leads right up to a loft that practically begs to be camped out in with a copy of Walden, so thin, cozy, and brightly lit is its expanse, with a ceiling of muted blue fish-scaled shingles. The dining area looks a tad on the sterile side, but the tree-shaped inserts in its single large window do further the theme, if nothing else.

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