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With Stilettos and 'Disembodied Hands,' a Dalí-Inspired Loft

Interior designer Roger de Cabrol is known for bringing eclectic richness into clients' spaces, relying on travel-worn fabrics and other global finds to give even his most traditional spaces depth. Though in looking at his loft in NYC's East Village, spotlighted in recently by NY Design Hunting, it's clear he reserved the most potent bits of exotic surrealism for his own home. In an homage to his first gig as an assistant to famed surrealist Salvador Dalí, he draped the arched closets in red taffeta for "a distinctly theatrical feel," roped necklaces around doorknobs, and plunked a pair of giant upholstered stilettos in the living room.

The idea is to keep the industrial feel of his home's architecture—the top floor of an 1880s carriage house, his place boasts raw brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and exposed beams—but make it warmer and more buoyant, bringing in heart-shaped bookends, an Old Western painting by Charles Schreyvogel, and wall-to-wall carpet in the master bedroom, where the bed is dressed in fabric from the Ivory Coast. Have a look, below.

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