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Artist Looks Inside the Homes of Storm Troopers, Demons

All photos by Klaus Pichler via My Modern Met

Sometimes it seems there's nothing that heats a photographer's blood quite like capturing their subjects—literary icons, socialites, 1950s hearthrobs, what have you—in the idiosyncratic messiness of their natural habitats, creating images wherein settings transcend the realm of backdrops to become integral character supports, if not characters in their own right. Such is the case with the work of German photographer Klaus Pichler, whose Just the Two of Us series profiles the homes and personalities of Cosplayers—that is, people who dress up in costume (often for fan conventions and the like) to represent a character. Here, pint-sized Stormtroopers sit among suede sofas and reed diffusers, demons breakfast in a pristine chandelier'd nooks, and teddy bears populate dingy apartments. It's intriguing to say the least, so do have a look.

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