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Totally Chic Marcel Breuer Design Asks a Meager $1.895M

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A charming example of midcentury design listed for just a few shades higher than an above-average McMansion in a nice school district: shameful sign of the times or straight-up bargain? Either way, this low-slung four-bedroom beaut by Marcel Breuer —priced at $1.895M, and currently seeking its third owner since its 1953 completion—sure looks good filled with Mad Men furniture. The Hungarian-born master, a furniture designer and architect with a unique brand of modern—a couple of his private commissions have been listed in recent years—also designed the heated indoor pool and the guesthouse, which adds an additional 800 square feet to the main home's 2,325-square-foot interiors. The Hudson River is just a short walk out back, and can be viewed from any of the full-wall windows running across the back of this Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., home; that is, if you can tear your eyes away from the Honduran Cypress paneling for a nanosecond. Take a look, why don't you:

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