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A Look at Post-Apocalyptic Interiors, as Told by Dioramas

New York-based photographer Lori Nix—whose previous work includes miniature opera houses, aquariums, and laundromats in a state of abandoned disarray—has released a new batch of mesmerizing, post-apocalyptic dioramas. Inspired by natural disasters in her childhood home of Kansas, and adding to an ongoing series entitled The City, Nix hopes to create "a city of our future, where something either natural or as the result of mankind, has emptied the city of its human inhabitants," as told through the tiny landscapes she painstakingly constructs and photographs.

At first glance, the interiors of the decaying New York subway, Chinese restaurant, and sneaker boutique look so much like the real-life abandoned places photographers love to document, it's hard to tell they're miniatures at all. And because dioramas are often (but not always) rather picturesque, it's particularly intriguing to see time-ravaged scenes on such a small scale. "Man has left his mark by the architecture," the artist says of her work, "but mother nature is taking back these spaces." Gizmodo has a few more scenes, right this way.

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