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Stately Austrian Listing Brags Indoor Jacuzzi, Room of Globes

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Don't be fooled by the neoclassical exterior of this manor in Vienna, Austria, currently on the market for $32.7M. Sure, the place might look the type to house charming, old-fashioned furnishings—and perhaps even a heavy drape window treatment or two—but in reality the recently renovated spread boasts only the most streamlined of interiors, or as the brokerbabble writes, decor that's "carefully retaining the original character while installing the very latest equipment and technology." The seven-bedroom, 14,000-square-foot house was at one time divvied up into apartments, but has since returned to its full stateliness at the hands of the current owner—a human who must really be into world travel, considering the living room has 12 (12!) globes in it.

The extra space once carved into separate dwellings makes way for such amenities as a gym and spa center, a "ladies boudoir," an indoor jacuzzi that just kind of sits in a room, and a seriously enviable infinity pool. Other notable new additions to the home include oak parquet flooring, flat screens aplenty, and a contemporary fireplace in the kitchen. Lest potential buyers feel there isn't enough history left to the home, fear not! The gloriously cheesy-looking gothic-style wine cellar comes with a bottle of wine dating back to 1917.

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