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Grand Newport Manse With Historic Pedigree Asks $9.9M

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Location: Newport, R.I.
Price: $9,900,000
The Skinny: A hulking granite mansion from the late 1800s evocatively called "Wild Moor" may bring to mind a dismal, moldering country estate that hides a dark secret within its walls, but the only questionable thing about this McKim, Mead, and White-designed home is the frequency with which zebra stripes appear in the décor. Otherwise, it's a perfectly fine exemplar of the type of grand home the elite once built for themselves in the 19th century architectural heyday of Newport, R.I. The stolid nine-bedroom, eight-bathroom manse is surrounded by twenty-three acres of Frederick Olmstead-designed landscaping, with a greenhouse, a carriage house, and a five-room gardener's cottage listed among the various outbuildings. The extensively renovated home was in the same family for more than a century before selling in 2010, but the blue blood continues to flow through its hallways–the current owner is Ralph Isham, investment banker and husband of Sunny von Bulow's daughter, Ala von Auersperg Isham. The upscale pair, who bought the home for $5M, has listed it for $9.9M.

· 21 Hammersmith Rd, Newport, R.I. [Zillow]
· 21 Hammersmith Road, Newport, R.I. [Lila Delman Real Estate]