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At Last, a Good, Long Look at Don Draper's Latest NYC Digs

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Yesterday AMC unleashed the Blu-Ray edition of Mad Men Season 6, and in its wake a smattering of special features and bonus material has since been unabashedly zipping about the internet. One of these special features recounts the long-untold backstory of a beloved character: not Peggy Olsen or Joan Harris, and certainly not Don Draper himself, but rather the swanky Draper apartment, which the mystery production designer in the circulating video clip calls "my favorite set of the whole series." High praise considering the decor of Mad Men has long been romanticized and coveted. The video—watch it, below—offers lush, detailed shots of the apartment, sunken living room ("a given," explains the clip), white carpeting, Lied Mobler black leather lounge, glass tabletop grapes, and all. His influence? The rectangular modernism "of the '50s and Frank Lloyd Wright stuff as well and some Japanese influences—this is all just looking at the floorplan." Do have a watch, below.

The Video:

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