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Find Zen in This Minimal Mexican Beach House Asking $479K

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With the idea of the relaxing, off-the-grid vacation growing quainter with each iOS update, the modern world needs more beachside dwellings like this pared-down affair from the Mexican arm of Gracia Studio, on the market for $479K. Located in the "blessedly low-profile" outskirts of Todos Santos, an artsy small town about 1,000 miles down the Baja California Peninsula from the U.S. border—a two-hour flight from LAX, let's say—this minimal concrete-framed home looks about as a distraction-free as they come. With little else but three bedrooms and a combined kitchen, dining, and living area, you probably couldn't fit the usual amount of beach house clutter even if you wanted to mar the staid, rough-finished look of the place with so much junk. Take a look below for your moment of zen:

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