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Own Walter Lippmann's Rustic Island Escape for $4.35M

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The latest example of Moonrise Kingdom-chic to hit the market has all the vintage, WASPy bonafides you might expect from a New England island retreat—we're talking its own boathouse, a private tennis court, and, yes, a croquet pitch—and a bonus intellectual pedigree to boot. Commissioned in 1940 by Walter Lippmann, the journalist and political theorist best known for coining the modern usage of the word "stereotype" and broadly introducing the concept of Cold War, the property, called Indian Head Camp, sits on the "quiet side" of Maine's Mount Desert Island, an 108-square-mile outcropping of J. Crew catalogue country peppered with summer homes once attached to such illustrious surnames as Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford, Astor, Vanderbilt, and Pulitzer. Listed for $4.35M, this 28-acre parcel includes a four-bedroom, 2,964-square-foot bungalow and three smaller cabins, each with an interior on the nicer side of rustic and access to over 2,500 feet of private beach.

· Walter Lippmann's Rustic Cabin Retreat in Maine []
· 186 Lopaus Point Rd []