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Totally Quirky, Very Shingled Fairytale Cottage Asks $1.8M

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Brokers are, as a group, not shy to toss 'round the old "fairytale house" or "storybook home" moniker, but for this home in Santa Barbara, Calif., those descriptors are pretty much the unambiguous truth. It's whimsy factor—read: likelihood that a bluebird is going to help you with that pie crust—is fairly unmatched. Built in 1978 and asking $1.795M, the three-bedroom home delivers 2,606 square feet of wonderful weirdness, from a thatched, curved exterior that blends into the surrounding trees and hills, to the oversized rock walls and exposed beams inside. It all makes for a very woodland creature's lair feel. Shockingly not touched upon in the listing is what appears to be either a moat or a water slide, but really, win-win, right? Have a look:

· 999 Andante Rd Santa Barbara, CA 93105 [Redfin via Looney Listings]
· 999 Andante Rd, Santa Barbara, CA [Zillow]