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Finally, a Building Façade Just Like an Outsized Word Search

Instances of form following function don't get much more basic than the new Gooyesh Language Institute in Iran, whose façade is a great big word search with no answers, or at least none that give themselves up readily. It could be that the building's brightly backlit shell encodes a message left to shed light on the intersection of language and design, but all that a cursory search has turned up is a likely unintentional spelling of the word "no."

Maybe the point is that even as we spend our days shoveling words into the void, the entropic unravelling of all meaning is, like the dust-to-dust fate of our puny structures, just an inevitably we're going to have to get used to. Or, more likely, maybe the intended reaction is more along the lines of "oh, look at that. Letters." In any case, the overall effect of Iranian architect Ali Karbaschi's design on the Isfahan skyline is a striking one. As far as any meaning that might lurk behind this word jumble, we'll just have to leave the pondering to the theorists in our comments section.

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