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Baller Heiress Megan Ellison Nets $14.15M on Three Homes

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Well, it looks like billionaire tech heiress and movie producer Megan Ellison has officially sold off the contemporary Los Angeles homes she bought between 2008 and 2011. Then, the bonafide real estate whale—who happens to be all of 27-years-old—took a page from her Oracle-founding, mansion-accruing father, Larry Ellison and bought and renovated three neighboring pads in L.A.'s notable The Birds neighborhood, ultimately racking up $32.6M in real estate. Late last year, she began selling off her properties, unloading the first to Gateway computer billionaire Ted Waitt for $21M in August. The other two, turns out, sold for a combined $26.25M to fellow heir Ashley Tabor—famed both for being the son of billionaire bookmaker Michael Tabor and for occasionally dropping $2M for private Rihanna performances. All together, Ellison raked in a total net gain of $14.15M.

So what's next in this real life game of monopoly? Well, according to The Real Estalker, both Waitt and Tabor plan to raze the existing homes—which are less than five years old and have already been extensively, expensively renovated. Showing no signs of slowing her real estate roll, Ellison is reportedly setting her sites on Venice Beach for her next purchase. Either that, or she'll swap coasts and spend some time scoping out buys around the NYC apartment she bought for $2.8M this summer. Anyway, the grand tour of all three properties are below.

9258 Nightingale Drive, sold to Ted Waitt for $21M

9262 Nightingale Drive, sold to Ashley Tabor for a combined $26.25M

9280 Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles, sold to Ashley Tabor for a combined $26.25M

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