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Anyone Up to Restore This 1897 House, Listed For $2,777?

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This Old House, the print publication that's all about restoring run-down properties, has earmarked this grand home in Toledo, Ohio, on the market for $2,777, as a place waiting for an amateur carpenter to provide "all new systems and extensive structural repair." Sure, the chimney needs rebuilding and each of its 3,632 square feet of exposed, blackened, and grime-covered interiors needs to be gutted, but look at the bones of this 1897 American Foursquare, This Old House pleads. It's got "the symmetrical facade typical of foursquare homes, including a pair of box bay windows on the second floor," not to mention six bedrooms and a porch supported by Corinthian columns. Not feeling it? Perhaps move on to any of these other four-figure listings, though none are quite as good for pulling a Noah-from-The Notebook-style renovation project. If, say, you're trying to get back your one and only true love by restoring an abandoned, grandiose house, this is your chance. Listing is this way, photos are below.

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