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Buy a Nutso Dragon- and Gargoyle-Filled Castle for $1.5M

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Lest anyone forget that this $1.5M Chevy Chase, Md. listing—dubbed Rossdhu Gate—once served as a gatehouse to a 1927 Scottish-inspired castle, literally every inch of wall space in the three-bedroom, 4,680-square-foot abode is smothered in enough vaguely castle-esque wall art, dragons statuettes, and coat of arms decals to decorate every damn castle currently on the market. Despite this valiant decorating effort, though, the home still manages to look more like the Gryffindor common room—or something out of Disney Land, as Curbed DC points out—than a house fit for royalty. Also not helping cause are the slightly wonky-looking gargoyles, obscuring what might otherwise be sort of a nice view of the surrounding pond and forested property. Indeed, with an extensive makeover, the whole place might actually have the potential to come together as a cozy but slightly quirky home, but as of right now, the as-is listing photos will have to suffice. Do have a look:

· 3207 Woodbine Street [Estately via Curbed DC]