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Buy a $30M Mini-Stadium With Fake Weather and LED Turf

Rightfully earning a spot on the Robb Report's annual guide to the craziest, most astronomically expensive gifts of the year is this totally bonkers "personalized multi-sport backyard stadium" designed by Populous, the firm behind the new Yankee Stadium, London's Olympic Stadium, and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, to name a few. Costing a measly $30M, the scaled-down, free-standing stadium comes with custom LED-embedded astroturf, 20-foot-tall wraparound video screens—ready to reflect whatever sporty backdrop is desired—a professional-grade sound system, and enough seats to accommodate 100 adoring fans. For those not quite ready to plunk down the credit card just yet, Populous is ready to pile on a few more amenities, adding that "wind, snow, and rain machines can add even more authenticity to the playing and viewing experience," and that "locker rooms with showers also can be included." Installing the personal stadium and uh, personal locker showers, takes about 12 months, which makes this—among other things—an ideal gift for the holiday season of 2014.

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