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Rosie O'Donnell Nabs a New Jersey Mansion for $6.4M

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Possibly spurred on by the OWN Network's cancellation of her talk show in late 2012, Rosie O'Donnell has been on something of a high-end real estate kick, finally unloading her Miami Beach estate, listing not one but two Manhattan penthouses over the summer, entering into and quickly backing out of contract for Olivia Newton John's Palm Beach pad, and snatching up a plantation-style home in Florida for $5M. Well, the Queen of Nice is at it again, this time with a sprawling French country estate in Saddle River, New Jersey she nabbed for $6.375M in late October. There's no telling with Rosie, but this place—all 5,200 square feet of pre-war luxury, ranging from gorgeous to garish—might remain the crown jewel in her coffer for quite some time.

Built in 1928, the latest place to take on the title of Chez O'Donnell is a dizzying progression of over-the-top wallpaper and curtain prints, different families of tile and wood paneling, and bright, wine country–themed murals, with over-stuffed chairs everywhere you look: conspiring around the breakfast nook, holding court in the stately entryway. Surrounded by well-manicured gardens, with a fireplace in each of the five bedrooms and a pool equipped with waterfall, grotto, and hot tub, the estate is a real piece of work, especially considering that O'Donnell—ever the consummate negotiator, she wasn't brought on The View for nothing—talked the original owners down from $8.2M.

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