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Watch a Jean Prouvé Pre-Fab be Rebuilt Entirely by Hand

French art collector Patrick Seguin caused quite a stir last week, upon arriving to Design Miami with a packed-up Jean Prouvé pre-fab home in tow. Seguin—something of a Prouvé fanboy with a collection of 17 restored houses by famed French designer—sent the 689-square-foot structure to Miami in 10 crates, only to have it re-assembled in just two days, as the below video demonstrates. Originally, the 1945 design (apparently one of two ever actually built by Prouvé) was meant to serve as affordable housing, though it's now on sale for a whopping $2.5M. Never the less, its nothing short of mesmerizing to watch the simple—but now-quite-pricey—home put back together entirely by hand. Do have a look:

The Video:

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