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Swedish Student-Built Home Runs on Sun and Friendship

Built by Team Sweden—a group of 25 enthusiastic Chalmers University students in Gothenburg, Sweden—this sweet little home, dubbed Halo, runs entirely off the sun's rays. Indeed, in an effort to create the ultimate eco-friendly (and stylish, of course) dwelling, the team came up with this 645-square-foot circular design—built entirely with renewable materials, like Swedish spruce for the exteriors and wood fiber to act as insulation—that harnesses solar power by way of sloping rooftop solar cells.

Not just eco-friendly but also, uh, roommate-friendly, the home's secondary mission is to foster a feeling of togetherness through out the small home—"Shared space is double space" serving as the team's motto—with only a single, narrow hallway devoted to private rooms, and the rest enjoyed as communal space. Though the quarters may be a bit too close for those who value privacy, the structure makes room for a decent-sized kitchen and living room, along with a semi-enclosed deck space with a hammock. The design won Team Sweden third place in the Solar Decathlon, an international student competition, earlier this year. My Modern Met has the full story, so read on.

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