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Tour Brian Patrick Flynn's Lively, Retro Cali Bachelor Pad

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn recently gave Domaine an exclusive peek inside his 600-square-foot one-bedroom apartment in the Hollywood Hills, which despite some original "murder-y looking contractor grade tile and breathe-and-you-might-get-SARS bedroom carpeting" has clearly been transformed into one of the West Coast's most stylish bachelor pads. Striving for a preppy, Americana vibe—with heavy influence drawn from the '50s and '60s—the Atlanta-based designer's first order involved replacing the offensive carpeting with cork flooring in the bathroom and kitchen and whitewashed vinyl faux-wood plank in the bedroom, and then installing vintage lighting fixtures throughout the rest of the midcentury home.

Enlisting what Domaine describes as his "one-of-a-kind-meets-big-box design technique," Flynn then scoured local flea markets for good stuff—like a vintage Circle K convenience store wall art—and paired such findings with an oversize painting of Steve McQueen from his personal collection and a humble $299 Ikea bed. The end result? Vibrant, eclectic, and personal. "Every single thing inside my space is there because I was drawn to it, brought it home, and made it my own," explains the designer. "For me, that's what interior design is all about." Domaine has the full story and tons of photos, right this way.

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