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Is This 'Apothecary' Starbucks the Craziest Starbucks Yet?

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While Starbucks has never been a brand to shy away from high-design concepts—offering trendy shipping container cafes, this, uh, "bank", and now even a railcar locale—this recent apothecary-themed New Orleans branch just might be the oddest yet. Apparently designed to resemble "what the space might look like if it had belonged to a Louisianan merchant in the early 1900s," the dimly lit interiors boast wrought iron chandeliers, a polished wood bar and tables, dark leather seating, and a lighting fixture made out of vintage trombones—like all 1900 merchants enjoyed. The back room is meant to feel more like the fictitious merchant's personal living space, and is thus outfitted with vintage school chairs, black walls, and, duh, a massive coffee-themed mural. The overall effect is weirdly moody for a place that shills overpriced gingerbread lattes, but when it comes to restaurant theme choice its important to remember that it could always be worse. More photos below.

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