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This Shipping Container Pop-Up Spa Could Become a Reality

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While shipping container architecture is both eco-friendly and oh so trendy, its not exactly a medium that brings a relaxing spa environment to mind. For this very reason, though, "wellness entrepreneur" Nell Waters has her sights on building SOAK, a modular, self-contained, and quite alternative cargo-spa. Inspired by saunas in Amsterdam and Japanese bathing culture—and reveling in an "anti-spa ethos"—this Kickstarter project is currently working toward raising $240K to open the first pop-up prototype in San Francisco.

The ground level of the "urban bathhouse for healthy hedonists"—just about the San Francisco-iest concept imaginable—would house a courtyard with a reception desk, enclosed showers, and two "cold plunge buckets," while the stairs on either side would lead to both a roof lounge and an additional hot tubs. In keeping with the green mission statement, half of the spa's water supply would come from collected rainwater—to be heated by solar panels on the roof. The Kickstarter campaign, yet another in a growing stream of architecture-focused projects, has raised $23,388 so far and has 19 days to go. Dezeen has the full story, right this way.

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