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Tour San Fran's Bonkers New Real World House

Watch out San Francisco, looks like the 29th season of the drunken, stumbling mess that is The Real World will have this year's gaggle of combative strangers bunking up in what might be the craziest S.F. pad yet. As past seasons have featured refined New Orleans estates and massive NYC townhouses, this year's selection was originally built as a ballroom in 1910, and measures in at 10,000 square feet. Calling upon the most obvious theme choice, production designer Katherine de Luca crafted each room to reflect the city of San Francisco, including a Chinatown-themed confessional space and a liberal sprinkling of California grizzlies—including what looks like a massive stuffed teddy bear in the probably never-used office.

Much like the show itself, the massive home is sort of a guilty pleasure: can't-look-away arresting and—above all else—completely over the top. Cutting back the many wallpaper prints by about half would have been a prudent choice, as would knocking down those super fake graffiti-covered brick walls, but still, the space still manages to be rather charming in its own mismatched way. Also, a lot of that brightly colored furniture—if on its own—actually looks pretty fun. It's a safe bet that most of what's shown on Casa Sugar's full gallery will be destroyed by the end of the season premiere, so have a look, right this way.

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