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Buy This Insanely Gorgeous Castle in Ireland for Just $9M

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While the occasional castle might crop up on the market every so often, this 14,500-square-foot landmark in Ardrahan, Ireland—on the market for $9M—just might be the grandest offering yet. Dubbed Tulira, the property is comprised of three main buildings: a medieval tower, surrounding courtyard buildings, and the great, big Victorian main house itself. Somehow the exact history has gotten lost over the years, but the listing insists that the medieval tower section of the home rests on 12th-century foundations, while the rest of the estate was commissioned by one Edward Martyn, "a leading figure in the Irish Literary and Artistic revival," and designed by architect George Ashlin in 1882. Key features include a 40-foot-tall great room with marble columns, grand dining rooms with wallpaper dating back to the 1880s, and seven regal bedrooms—five of which boast massive personal bathrooms. Surrounding the home are 250 acres of land outfitted with manicured gardens, a greenhouse and pergola, and adorable guest houses. Perhaps most auspicious of all? Tulira is apparently the only castle in Ireland to never have been invaded, attacked and ransacked. By all means do take a look at this lucky listing:

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