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Absolutely everything is wrong with this Indiana house

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Truly a spectacle

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in December 2013 and has been updated with the most recent information.

If the world's worst designers got together to make a showhouse, it might look something like this eleven-bedroom, eight-bathroom house in Indianapolis. No single word can describe its aesthetic, but the spread, with an overabundance of stonework and Holiday Inn-style balconies, almost makes sense considering that the home's owner was Jerry A. Hostetler, who the local newspaper describes as an "almost-famous pimp-turned-construction mini-magnate."

Hostetler died in 2006, but the house, at one point listed for $1.3 million, resurfaced in the news in 2013 after a wave of neighbor complaints. One neighbor said she can smell mold; another planted three trees to block his view of the place. And that's without even seeing the inside! It could be Indiana's most confusing house, but there's actually some serious competition for the title.

As of early August 2017, the property is back on the market—this time with much better photos—for $1.75 million. The new listing calls attention to the "potential for a family compound, rental income, and a great BnB income." It also claims that "the finishes, space, and location would be impossible to replicate." Sounds about right.

More photos from the previous listing, below.

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