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Carrie Underwood Makes Everyone Want to Stay in this 96-Room Vermont Chalet

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Thanks to Carrie Underwood, now everyone wants to visit a chalet in Vermont, located just a short 15 minutes from Stowe Mountain Resort. Underwood's performance in last week's live airing of the 'The Sound of Music' on NBC has people freaking out over the Trapp Family Lodge. And even though the grandchildren of Maria von Trapp were less than thrilled (read: they hated it!) about Underwood's take on the family matriarch, they can't deny that the musical is drawing Sound of Music fanatics to the spot where the von Trapp family first welcomed lodgers in 1950. More than 18 million people tuned in to the live airing and NBC has announced plans for an encore broadcast Saturday. Whether or not musicals make you want to curl up and die, staying at the 96-room chalet looks mighty enticing. The Inn offers wiener schnitzel, von Trapp family beer, cross-country ski trails, and a whole lot of charm. Head there now, as Stowe Mountain Resort is set to get 8-14 inches by Saturday and more over the weekend.

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