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This Wavy-Headed Home With 'Exotic Curves' Wants $999K

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Should that other New Jersey home by Jules Gregory be not quite one's taste, here's a 1960 offering from the midcentury architect—this one every bit as dated, but a good deal wackier. Currently on the market for $999K, the 1,660-square-foot home, which Gregory built for himself on 10 acres in charming, woodsy Lambertville, N.J., has an open layout, with a lofted kitchen overlooking a sunken living room and dining room, and four sunny bedrooms with undulating windows in the place of walls. The brokerbabble seems to have taken a page from romance novels, describing the listing as one that "allows the eye to enjoy a poem formed by architectural joinery in wood, glass, stone, and landscape." Tacked on to this, uh, "poem" is a 1,200-square-foot kitchenette-equipped guest house, once Gregory's studio, that "artfully counterbalances the main home's exotic curves." Weird, lusty prose aside, though, the home is indeed a very cool property, undoubtedly deserving of its nomination as one of the 10 Best Houses in America by Architectural Record Magazine in 1961. The current owner, a midcentury furniture dealer, agrees, calling the place "an absolutely perfect setting for my collection." For now, though the curvy beaut continues its long search for its next prince charming—it was originally listed in Jan. 2012 for $1.25M. Come now, have a look:

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