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This 75-Square-Foot Cabin Transforms From Black to White

Printed with a black marble design on half of its folds, white marble on the other, and a sunny yellow inside, this 75-square-foot hut—dubbed the Chameleon Cabin—uses its pleated sides to indulge in a bit of optical trickery, changing appearances from different perspectives and joining the ranks of the most ambitious ephemeral cabins out there. Designed by Swedish architect Mattias Lind of the firm White Arkitekter, the cabin was commissioned by a local printing firm to show off the goods—in this case, mainly the sturdy corrugated paper with which the the hut was built. The entirety of the structure is made up of 95 individual pieces that latch together, and weighs in at a (surprisingly heavy) 220lbs. Still, because of its small stature, it counts as a (delightfully Swedish-sounding) friggebod—or structure small enough to not need a construction permit—which makes it pretty much a must-have for on-the-go very dry places. Two more shots below, then head to Dezeen for the full story.

· Chameleon Cabin made from paper changes colour when viewed from either side [Dezeen]