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Westchester Home, Half-Meier, Half-Modern, Asks $3.95M

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Because of a later addition, only half of this Westchester County property—officially The Stuart R. and Paula Shamberg House—was designed by Richard Meier, the prolific minimalist whose austere, cuboidal abodes are much sought-after by the art market's biggest power collectors. Though the place isn't 100 percent faithful to Meier's vision—which did win it plenty of awards in the '70s—the expansion does a nice job of tempering the pristine, museum-ish vibes of the original, using natural materials to provide some much-needed warmth. The Meier-designed wing of this 6,700-square-foot home was completed in 1974, and its focal point is an expansive two-story living room with a handsome free-standing fireplace and large second-floor balcony. The place comes with a $3.95M price tag, and underwent an extensive renovation in 2008, which did include the perfunctory backyard infinity pool, in case you were wondering. Do have a look:

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