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Burtonesque Abode with Fairytale Overtones Asks $2.7M

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The listing for this lurid three-bedroom home calls it "undoubtedly the most unique residence in downtown Minneapolis," and we'd be inclined to agree. With a kitchen reminiscent of one Jules Verne–channeling New York apartment, the place looks straight out of some modern take on a dark fairytale; think Hansel and Gretel set in the American midwest. Built in 1911 and last sold in 2002 for just a shade over $1M, this overdetermined farrago wants $2.695M for its 4,5470-square-foot, all-you-can-stomach buffet of steampunk fixtures, gothic chandeliers, and mauve coloration. With a master bedroom that looks more akin to a medieval dungeon—just swap out the imposing wrought-iron stove for an iron maiden and you're pretty much there—this one isn't for the faint of heart. Take a look, why don't you:

· 247 10th Avenue S [Estately]