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Play Mini Golf on the Roof of Walmart's Wacky Brazil HQ

Now that high-design interiors, outlandish amenities, and, yes, even the occasional blue hair wall have become a norm for big business headquarters, it's little surprise that the Walmart online division HQ in São Paulo, Brazil, is well, more than a little bit out there. Designed by the Brazilian firm Estudio Guto Requena, the five story-studio is color coded from floor to floor and—oddly enough, since this is Walmart we're talking about here, the very same Walmart that once peddled Paula Deen-branded butter—aimed to carve out informal meeting spaces similar to those found at tech startups.

Drawing inspiration from Brazilian culture, the designers decorated communal areas with outdoor furniture such as deck chairs, slightly uncomfortable-looking hammock lounges, and wicker swings "set up for employees to socialize like neighbors." The office's meeting rooms are characterized by freestanding curved walls clad with timber strips and hanging dried-gourd lamps, as a nod to Brazilian musical instruments such as the maracá. Lest anyone worry that Brazil's Walmart employees are spending all their time in meetings, though, there's also a vibrant orange video game room, a number of yoga spaces, and—of course!—that very cool mini golf course on the roof. Dezeen has the full story, right this way.

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