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Eight Truly Magnificent Birdhouses, Courtesy of Airbnb

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The legions over at Airbnb are putting that Dr. Strangelove-themed conference room to good, creative use, apparently: the vacation-rentals site has just released a new marketing campaign with 50 birdhouses, each modeled after an actual rentable listing online. The houses, the work of artists around the world who visited the properties to glean inspiration, are all viewable on Birdbnb—yes, its actual name—which also contains an online video in which (take it away, press release!) "artists are accompanied at the base of the tree by singer and songwriter Zach Shields performing his original track, featured in the film, 'Home to You' while birds discover their new homes." (Apparently an ornithologist was consulted, as well.) However, as the newest in a long line of crazy-detailed architecture for animals, the Lilliputian models of the site's phenomenal array of lovely, strange, and historically significant rentals are alone worth a look:

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