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Drop $4.85M For Three Private Islands and a Treehouse

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Formerly owned by Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan (whose career in civil servitude included 12 years as United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees), this private island listing—dubbed Whitestone Islands—in British Columbia offers quite the package deal. Indeed, for the low low price of $5M CAD (about $4.85M USD) the right buyer gets one six-acre island with a 3,200-square-foot home, four acres of mainland property, and two smaller islands,thrown in for kicks. Sweetening the deal a bit more is the fact that the newly renovated island home in question sits lofted over the edge of the water, hoisted up between the surrounding trees and built around one large trunk—offering a distinct treehouse feel. Floor-to-ceiling paneled windows offer some prime views, and though the kitchen feels a bit basic, perks such as royal bragging rights, arboreal living, and ownership of multiple private islands work wonders in outweighing it. Do have a look:

· Whitestone Islands, British Columbia, Canada [Private Islands Online]