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Wavy Green Hangout Room is (Literally) Too Cool For School

Putting to good use an unused doorway in Ledina—one of the oldest grammar schools in Ljubljana, Slovenia—Slovenian firm Svet vmes transformed this little foyer into what might be the cool (and greenest) high school hangout of all time. In a rather deceptively simple makeover, the architects placed undulating bands of green rubber on top of the existing staircase, painted the floors a matching shade of lime, and tossed in a bunch of pillows, lending the room a rather whimsical Dr. Seuss-like quality that firmly earns the 144-year-old school a spot in the wacky educational design ranks. Gradient-spotted wallpaper completes the effect, as does a movie projector positioned in what used to be the opening for the door. "The 'in between space' (halls, connecting corridors, nooks for socializing, fantasy and reading) represents a great design potential for us," explains the firm. "We believe that these environments promote sense of spatial sensitivity and provide a unique educational and working atmosphere." Find a few more shots below, then head to Architizer for the full gallery.

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