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Is This Concrete House the Only Place to Achieve 'Calm'?

Despite its startling resemblance to both a supervillain's lair and, uh, a box, this concrete and stainless steel structure in Tokyo had a quite a different goal in mind—namely to form "an oasis within the city which embodies the warm hospitality synonymous with the region." Constructed by Tokyo-based Apollo Architects and Associates, the so-called Calm House serves as both a private residence and temporary housing for exchange students. At 948 square feet, Calm House offers three floors, with a large, airy space for entertaining makes up the entire ground level, four private bedrooms on the second floor, and "communal living space" at the top. Some might find the steel angles too jagged and the overall look too austere to buy the whole "relaxation" thing; then again, though, maybe erecting a concrete bunker in the middle of a major metropolitan core is the only way to achieve calm. After all, the light-filled interiors are definitely cool, with retractable glass walls to make more living space, as well as an atrium and a tucked-away music studio. More photos below and over on Design Boom.

· Calm House by Apollo Architects embodies Japanese hospitality [Design Boom]