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For Only $15M, Be a 'Pearl Within a Life-Size Abalone Shell'

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Location: Laguna Beach, Calif.
Price: $15,000,000
The Skinny: The brokerbabble for The Rockhouse, as it's called, surreally claims that living in this beachfront home "evokes the feeling of being a pearl within a life-size abalone shell", but an equally apt analogy might be that it evokes the feeling of being trapped in Ursula's lair in a scene from The Little Mermaid. The listing wisely avoids drawing that connection, though, instead laying the responsibility for inspiring this "synergistic marriage of architecture and art" at the unwitting feet of Antoni Gaudi and the city of Barcelona. Besides the clamshell décor, the most notable aspect of this Brion Jeanette design is its location inside Aliso Rock, a gigantic stone that sat peacefully on this beach for eons, watching a million gentle tides come and go, before being split asunder to make room for this house. The two-bedroom, three-bathroom home—which does have nice ocean views!—is asking $15M.

· 31107 Coast Highway [Surterre Properties]
· 31107 Coast Highway [Zillow]