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Hang Your Hat at This Incredibly Charming B&B For $1.6M

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Are you a self-starter? Always wanted to run your own business? Do you dream about getting out of the game, letting yourself go a bit, adopting a pair of retired greyhounds, and opening a bed and breakfast somewhere? How about in Cape May, N.J.? If you answered in the affirmative to all of these, then look no further than this winsome B&B, an expansive 10-bedroom home dating back to 1904. Currently listed for $1.595M, the teal-and-pink affair just underwent a $90K price cut, and never has a flowering overabundance of chintz looked so appealing. The bedrooms themselves are just the right combination of over-the-top and grandmotherly—maybe name them after episodes of The Golden Girls?—but the highlight is the two sitting rooms on the main floor, each outfitted with stained glass windows and built-in antique cabinetry. The Windward House awaits its next innkeeper, and seeing as we've already gone through all the accoutrement necessary to running a classic B&B, you should have a leg up on the competition. Go ahead, have a look:

· 24 Jackson St [Zillow]