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Run Circles Around the Most High-Design Pharmacy Ever

Designed by the Greek studio KLab architecture, this cheekily named Placebo Pharmacy in Athens, Greece just might be the most stylish purveyor of drugs and toiletries out there—putting the drab Rite Aids and CVS pharmacies (and even other exceedingly stylish drug stores) of the world to utter shame. Apparently inspired by the whirlwind of motion of the super-busy street where the pharmacy sits, the 6,458-square-foot structure has a rather whipped-around shape, with a swirling, round facade that partially shrouds an interior octagonal building. This outer shell is also printed with a smattering of braille lettering, a nod to braille on pharmaceuticals packages, a means for natural light to peek through, and a way of creating an alluring lantern-like effect at night.

Inside, the two levels are connected by curving ramps—with the store and pharmaceutical dispenser on the ground floor, and doctors' offices on top. Save for a bright green wall of glass upstairs and a few decorative wisps of green on a balcony, the interior is entirely white, further lending to the clean, modern feel. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, in the not too distant future, all pharmacies could look like this? Contemporist has the full gallery, right this way.

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