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Make This Ark-Like Floating Writer's Retreat Yours for $550K

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Built in 1997 by San Franciscio-based architect Valentino Agnoli, the writer's retreat of physician and author Michael Samuels looks like some kind of avante-garde boat that got marooned in the boughs of a Florida cypress forest after a particularly bad storm. With about 600 square feet of living space, the miniature ark, listed for $550K, barely has room enough for two, and the sparse, unfinished feel of the interior could use an overhaul, but seeing as it was "built to be like a poem or a meditative vision," perhaps prosaic concerns such as these are best left by the wayside. Agnoli, who is best known for his organic-looking curvilinear structures, situated the home just a stone's throw form the "crystal clear" waters of the Ichetucknee River, right on the border of the Ichetucknee State Park, but surprisingly this handmade woodland abode does have a DSL connection, making it a writer's retreat well-suited for the internet-addicted modern wordsmith. The Owl and Beaver House, as it's known, has occasionally served as a vacation rental over the years, and whatever you think about its otherworldly, ship-like feel, the place is certainly a vacation from the norm. Check it out below:

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