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And Now, a Lord of the Rings City Done in 200K Legos

Seattle-based Lego artist Alice Finch, who previously made a splash with this truly awesome replica of Hogwarts, has hopped to a different fantasy saga with her latest project, teaming up with fellow blockmaster David Frank to recreate the elven town of Rivendell from The Fellowship of the Rings with no less than 200K Lego pieces. Can this outlandishly intricate replica hold a candle to the recreation of the Battle of Helm's Deep that made its impressive debut at this year's Cincinnati Comic Expo? That kind of pronouncement would be beyond our sphere of reckoning. In all likelihood, the Lego-LOTR crossover wars will continue for many years of attempted one-upmanship, and it will be up to future generations to pick up the pieces, so to speak, and declare a clear winner.

According to an interview the duo did with The Brother's Brick, before they laid a single brick, Finch and Frank went through the "laborious task" of watching the Rivendell scenes from the first film in Peter Jackson's trilogy over and over again, frame by frame, referring to behind the scenes footage, art books, and of course, Tolkien's original works to get the details right. Instead of picking one color to portray the foliage in, they decided to have the tableau flow gradually from spring to fall, which is pretty high concept for a piece of Lego-based fan art. Surely an immortal elf would approve of this kind of season-spanning approach. For a closer look at the blocky metropolis, head over to My Modern Met.

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