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Spot the Vintage Pieces in this Chic Rehabbed Farmhouse

Custom created for an "avid collector of all things agrarian" and his 4-year-old son, this rehabilitated farmhouse in Birmingham, Mich., commemorates its utilitarian past in the most stylish way possible: the 2,240-square-foot, three-bedroom house is a former barn (first split into townhouses and then converted back) and key decorating pieces once served an agricultural use. For example, designer Michael Poris—a principal at the local firm McIntosh Poris—turned a grain auger into a table and a 1950s-era bell frame into a light fixture, and fashioned a vintage bench "whose life probably began on a farm" for the downstairs living room and dining room.

Because of the home's previous incarnations, certain funky design elements has to be dealt with—including a tiny, tacked-on room off the kitchen and a totally useless stairway no longer leading anywhere. Instead of knocking down these details, though, they were respectively turned into a diner-style eatery—complete with vintage swivel seats that "were probably used by factory workers"—and a funky stairwell-turned-booknook with a vintage ladder. The overall effect? Both stylish and masculine, with just the right amount of Green Acres-level decor thrown in. Houzz has more photos, so do have a look.

· Hand Crafting Rehabs a Michigan Farmhouse [Houzz]