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Is This the Most Beautiful Economics School of All Time?

Designed by local studio Link Arkitektur, the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway had a tough set of parameters in which to build, thanks to a nearby high-rise that demanded the school would not be "competing visually or disturbing set views." Despite the fact that the design had to remain rather compact and sit as low to the ground as possible, though, the team persevered—opting to fashion the business school after "a hidden gem," and therefore furthering the growing trend in high-design schools.

From the outside, the 139,930-square-foot building is sheathed in glass panels that allow for plenty of natural light, and reflect the surrounding landscape, therefore "behaving as a large canvas." The interiors, on the other hand, look more like a super-cool tech HQ than a school filled with econ classrooms, one centered around a massive atrium and sparsely decorated with one rippling glass wall, bright pops of colored furniture. There's also what looks like a room for a faux outdoor picnicking which—crazy as it sounds—has somehow become a thing. Design Boom has more shots, right this way.

· Link Arkitektur completes the Norwegian School of Economics [Design Boom]