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Forgo Rent and Build an Eco-Friendly Micro Hut for $11K

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In the honorable name of downsizing, going green, and—here's the big one—never having to have to pay rent or the mortgage again, Idaho-based architect Macy Miller decided to build herself one very petite, smartly designed dream home. Appropriately nicknamed Tiny House, the Boise, Idaho digs measure in at 196 square feet and cost Miller just $11,416 in total building expenses. Reminiscent of other eco-friendly micro homes, the wood-paneled structure sits atop a flatbed trailer and is made from completely sustainable materials—including a $2K compost toilet that turned out to be the most expensive appliance purchased for the project.

Inside, the combination living room and lofted bed area comprises the largest single space and also houses the bulk of the storage. A smaller corridor contains the bathroom—no word on whether it's full-sized or one of those damp-sounding nozzle-over-the-entire-room situations—and narrow kitchen outfitted with a row of hanging glass lights, providing a pop of color to the otherwise rather warm, neutral palette. Right now, Tiny House is hooked up to a power grid, but Miller's end game is to go completely off the grid. My Modern Met has a few more interior shots, right this way.

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