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Experience a House With No Walls in Tokyo's 'House T'

With House T, Japanese firm Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects took a narrow three-story home in Tokyo and divided it into a series of staggered, shelf-like rooms with nary a wall to separate them. CNN took a closer look at the place (check out the video below) and found the homeowners refer to their space as "the ninja"; after all, one needs to be nimble just to navigate it from top to bottom, moving primarily by ladder. Given how little there seems to be in place to prevent an awkward tumble off the edge of any portion of that second floor, House T is definitely not for the clumsy. It's also unclear whether the airy layout maximizes the 800 square feet of space, though living in a abode as precarious-looking as an Escher painting must give you a fresh perspective on home life. Recently, it seems like there's been a flowering of strangely calming, open-plan Japanese residential architecture, and this one stands out even among that unique set. Here, take a closer look:

The Video:

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