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Nike-fying the Buildings of Paris, London With 3D Printing

In an effort to hype the launch of its new line of Sneakerboots (think winterized sneakers) Nike hired Rosie Lee—the design firm behind its London HQ—to create a party centerpiece worthy of both the brand and London, the event locale. In response to the challenge, the savvy folks on the design team called upon one of the trendiest design innovations out there right now, tapping London-based 3D printing specialists Modla to craft tiny nylon versions of Paris and London's most well-known buildings—albeit with a very Nike twist.

Indeed, the 3D-printed miniatures—which were displayed on an LED light base during the launch party—have each taken on fantastical, undeniably Nike-esque qualities. The Eiffel Tower, for example, dons a basketball on its pointy top, while the Notre Dame cathedral extends into an undulating skate park. Even the plastic Big Ben melts into a smooth shape reminiscent of sneaker treads, while—because this is Nike—the Arc de Triomphe gets stamped with that ultra-emblematic swoosh logo. Those in Paris and London might be lucky enough to stumble across these little cities in Nike display windows, but for everyone else, the below photos and the full set over on Cults will have to do.

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