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Hamptons Home With Philip Johnson Addition Asks $19.9M

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Back when Ford Motor Company honcho Henry Ford II owned this Hamptons cottage, he had Philip Johnson, designer of Connecticut's famous Glass House, build a natty little modernist addition that clings to its side. When the Fords sold the place, known as Halcyon Lodge, they toyed with the idea of tearing off the pavilion and taking it with them, but of course, the pull of Johnson's Midas-like touch was part of what drew buyers to the home in the first place. The current owners must feel that the combined Ford-Johnson pedigree has some significant magnetism, because this eight-bedroom, 9,900-square-foot beaut is currently listed for a whopping $19.9M—or just about 663 nights in the Glass House, according to Neiman Marcus' current pricing plan for outrageous holiday gifts. Anyway, situated on a slice of beach between the Atlantic and a picturesque little pond, the original cottage is one of only two surviving stick-style homes in the village of Southampton. In stark contrast to the minimalism of the newer wing, the main home has white-painted exposed roof beams running throughout, and a dining room done up in murals of Victorian-era vacation scenes, but has a tasteful mix of classic and modern furniture that does a good job of bridging the two styles. Have a look, why don't you:

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