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Hop Into a Comic Book With These House-Size Illustrations

Forgoing more traditional canvas choices, London-based artist Charlotte Mann uses walls as her medium and personal clutter—teacups, strewn magazines, and record collections—as inspiration for, well, decorating houses. Indeed her marker-drawn 1:1 scale drawings—reminiscent of certain wordier art projects—simply offer a closer, almost meta, look at what already fills rooms in the average home. "I put a spotlight on the objects we surround ourselves with," explains Mann. "It's not about shopping or aspirational objects, but about taking stock of what you have. My murals allow people to view stuff in their home in a different way to how they normally would." To date, Mann's intricate, large-scale pieces have been commissioned for school murals, private collections, and fashion designer collaborations alike. Find a few more "room within rooms" below, then head over to Escape Into Life for the full gallery.

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