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Buy Up One of America's Last Octagonal Houses for $399K

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Newly on the market for $399K after trying to find a buyer intermittently since July 2011, the famed Lukens Pierce House in Coatesville, Pa., stands among the few octagonal houses left in the United States. On the National Register of Historic Places and constructed in 1856 for Lukens Pierce—one of the most prominent nurserymen in the country at the time—the five-bedroom home was originally made from "a wood frame filled with small field stones mixed with sand, lime and water," according to a privately maintained site that seems like the Internet's definitive source for octagonal houses, and once had a wraparound porch on five sides.
Today, the 3,072-square-foot house appears to be in shockingly good shape, with refinished original hardwood floors throughout, large curved windows, and original built-in cabinets in the dining room, study, and living room. The three-story structure centers around a wide spiral staircase that leads all the way up to the slant-roofed top floor, which boasts two additional rooms and some huge custom skylights. In a bit of an unfortunate turn, both the kitchen and upstairs bathroom were remodeled in the past years, and while the kitchen is simply a bit dull now, the bathroom is an outright frosted-glass mess. Still, given the history here, it's pretty safe to say the place has weathered far worse. By all means, do have a look above.

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